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 2011 AGM


For the first time an Indian person has been voted in as President of the Master Builders Association (KZN).

Vic Naidoo, Contracts Director at C&R Contractors KwaZulu cc, was sworn in during a solemn ceremony at the 110th AGM of the Association last week. (June 14th)

"I am very humbled at the opportunity to serve this auspicious Association and will do so to the best of my ability. I know there are many challenges ahead, but having been part of the executive committee for the past four years I know what they are and how to address them," he said. He is also thankful to his CEO Ronnie Narasimooloo for his encouragement and support.

In his outgoing address, past President Francois Louw said that the South African building and construction sector had seen a boom over the last few years as the country prepared itself to host the World Cup. Apart from the construction of stadiums and road works, one of the major projects completed was the Gautrain Rapid Rail Link. However, since the World Cup, with the completion of major building projects, growth in the construction industry slumped resulting in some 54,000 job losses during the second quarter of 2010 alone.

"Despite the reduction in the construction industry, the erection of low cost housing remains a significant feature of the industry as it addresses one of the government's main priorities - "Housing for All".

The budget laid out on February 23 this year was more expansionary and had a greater focus on income re-distribution. An extra R94bn in spending has been allocated over the next three years, with the bulk to be spent on social services, specifically housing."

Louw said that with increased government infrastructure spending, low interest rates and a more resolute approach to "greening", he believed the state of the industry would improve and business leaders were optimistic of an upturn in the economy.

"It is essential that our industry is prepared for any growth anticipated and training of employees is essential to accommodate and improve any such growth."

Speaking of the Association itself, Louw said there are currently around 558 ordinary and full members and about 195 associate members.

"This is up from 541 and 90 this time last year. Membership has grown which is contrary to the experiences of most other organisations of a similar nature. This is testament to an enhanced recruitment drive backed by a comprehensive menu of services and offerings.

Regarding best practice and the Association's drive to ensure safety compliance, Louw said "We are putting our brand, your brand, out there in order to harness its goodwill for your benefit.  We obviously cannot risk doing this for contractors who are not legal. Not observing Occupational Health & Safety legislation is illegal.  Worse than this, if you are not safety compliant and something happens you will be liable and you can go to jail," Louw warned.

"We are assisting you, as an ally and supporter, to get yourself safety compliant if you are not already there.  You call us, we come and check your level of compliance and if you are not basically compliant we will assist you at no charge to become compliant."

The refurbishment programme of the MBA's head office in Essex Terrace Westville, already a landmark building, cost in the region of R10,5 million. An important aspect of the refurbishment was the greening which included installing a renewal electricity system as well as other energy efficiency measures, water efficiency measures and proper waste management.

2011 AGM 1

The Master Builders Association KZN elected its new President at a solemn ceremony held at the Association's 110th AGM. Here Vic Naidoo is presented with his President's Badge by the outgoing President Francois Louw while Brandon Abdinor Executive Director looks on.

2011 AGM 2

Pictured at the 110th AGM of the Master Builders Association KZN where Vic Naidoo was sworn in as the Association's new President are (from left) Ryan Moonsamy, Vic Naidoo, Kreasen Naidoo and Avish Beemsen of C&R Contractors Kwa-Zullu cc

2011 AGM 3

Also pictured at the 110th AGM of the Master Builders Association KZN where Vic Naidoo was sworn in as the Association’s new President are (from left) Colin Cozens MBA Executive Committee, Brandon Abdinor Executive Director of the MBA, Dave Kunneke from Hlanganisani Construction and Gary Amstutz Commercial and Marketing Manager of the MBA.