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Rainy days - what do we pay our labourers?

If labourers are paid on an hourly basis then they may be sent home but they should be paid for the time spent waiting and their transport costs should be covered.

What is CIDB?

The CIDB stands for the Construction Industry Development Board. One of its functions is to grade Builders who wish to undertake construction work for the Public Sector. 

What is NHBRC?

The NHBRC is the National Home Builder's Registration Council. Its function are to keep a register of home builders, oversee the construction of residential homes to see to it that proper building standards are adhered to and to provide a warranty service for major structural defects. Refer to 

How is MBA different from NHBRC?

The Master Builders Association is a voluntary organisation which building and related contractors can join as members. These members have access to a range of services (such as Health and Safety, Training, Legal and compliance support) which are designed to support them to run professional businesses in the building and construction industry. Members have to adhere to a code of conduct and are expected to undertake their work ethically, safely, professionally and in line with the appropriate levels of good workmanship.

By contrast, the NHBRC is a statutory body which requires home builders, by law, to register if they build homes for consumers. All homes to be built are enrolled and the NHBRC utilises inspectors to ensure that the homes are being built in accordance with a Home Builders Manual which is designed to ensure that that the finished home will be structurally sound. If there is structural failure, the NHBRC will attempt to have the structure repaired by the home builder. If this doesn’t happen, a warranty may apply in certain limited circumstances, which is supposed to protect the consumer.

Can a contractor be a member of NHBRC and MBA?

Contractors are not actually members of NHBRC, they are registered with this body as a legal requirement. Contractors can be registered with the NHBRC and be members of the MBA

Is there any way that I can check how long a specific contractor has been registered with MBA?

Yes - if you go to the Find-a-Builder directory on our website, select search criteria and then select a member from the search results, you will navigate to a page with the following information on the Member:

  • Company details
  • How long the Member has been registered with Master Builders KwaZulu-Natal (underneath company name)
  • Contact details
  • Enquiry form
  • Pictures of completed projects
  • Testimonials from clients
  • Company profile

Please note, the Find-a-Builder tool is a newly introduced module on our website. We have started the process of obtaining information from our Members, but there are still many pages with incomplete data. You will however find information on the first three points above, on all member pages.

If I select a builder from the MBA list and am not satisfied with performance can I take it up with the MBA and get assistance?

Yes - The Association expects its members to maintain a high standard of conduct and efficiency and has accordingly drawn up a code of conduct to which all members are required to adhere.

Complaints against one of our Members are treated very seriously. After ascertaining all the facts, we are usually able to mediate a mutually-acceptable resolution. However, if one of our Members is found guilty of transgressing the code of conduct, they can be suspended or expelled. The code of conduct focuses on the following critical elements:

SKILL - A member is required to possess the necessary technical qualifications, knowledge and practical experience - or to employ, in a position of responsibility, a person or persons therewith - to ensure that all building projects are carried out in a workmanlike and economical manner.

INTEGRITY - A member is expected to satisfy the building requirements of his client and/or fellow members by complying with the spirit as well as the letter of his contractual obligations and to handle all business transactions with fairness and honour.

RESPONSIBILITY - A member is expected to organize his business administration effectively, to maintain adequate financial resources for the proper discharge of all contractual obligations, to assist wherever possible in the training of the future skilled manpower needs of the Building Industry and, where applicable, to comply with all wage regulating measures for the Building Industry.

Who will do inspections if we have not used one of your Members?

NHBRC Inspectorate provides this service.

Who do we complain to if we have not used one of your Members for alterations and additions?

Consumer Complaints – 033 264 2500. Alternatively the relative co-ordinating body i.e. E.C.A. / I.O.P.S.A etc

How many bricks per m² to build a wall?

It depends upon the size of the bricks. Enquirers should ask the supplier of the bricks.

How much does it costs per square meter to build?

Follow link to masterbuilders.co.za web page Building Costs. – this is a error page , please advise

Wage Rates in the building industry?

It is negotiable between the parties, unlike the Civil Engineering Industry there is no Sectoral Determination in place

Building Costs?

For information pertaining to building costs visit www.billcost.co.za or www.merkels.co.za

Where can we do Trade Tests?

There are four accredited training providers in KwaZulu-Natal.

The act on the part of CETA to award trade test status to four training providers in KwaZulu-Natal has been welcomed in all circles of industry and will go a long way towards assisting those who have acquired skills, to obtain much needed official certification.

With all trade testing previously having taken place outside of the province, scores of apprentices, especially from the previously disadvantaged sector, never got to complete a trade test. As a consequence, many of them have spent years industriously applying skills they posses, while remaining in the minimum wage bracket, employed as unskilled labour.

The four CETA awarded trade test centres will no doubt bridge this gap in KwaZulu-Natal, and will have positive ramifications on local construction industry as a whole. Inflows of easily identifiable skilled labour will be of great support to contractors who look to achieve long term sustainability, by building a quality product, on time and within budget. For those individuals who are now able to acquire their certification, it means a higher earning potential and better quality of life.

The four training providers in KwaZulu-Natal, who by having met a very strict criterion, were awarded trade test status are:

Construction Resource Development Centre (CRDC) based in Pinetown
Trades: Plasterer and Tiler, Carpenter, Plumber, Painter and Decorator, Bricklayer, Roadworks, Shuttering and Drainage Services
Contact: Cedric Hendricks 031 701 6514

CKD/Coastal FET College based in Newlands East
Trades: Plasterer and Tiler, Carpenter, Plumber, Painter and Decorator, Bricklayer, Shuttering
Contact: Brian Charles 031 577 0662

Inala Training based in The Bluff :
Trades: Plumbing trade only (Inala have been doing testing for many years)
Contact: John Mitchell 031 467 4254

Sakhisizwe Development based in Mtubatuba
Trades: Carpenter, Bricklayer, Plasterer and Tiler, Painter and Decorator.

Contact: Dolly Tembe 035 550 1763

Master Builders KwaZulu-Natal congratulates all of them, and wishes them a great and prosperous future in the business of changing lives.