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If you offer a product or service to the Building or Construction Industry, Master Builders KwaZulu-Natal can offer you the perfect targeted channel to build your company brand and advertise your product/service.

Master Builders KwaZulu-Natal is an Employers Organisation, representing over 650 members trading in the Building and Construction Industry.  The Association is over 100 years old and is a trusted brand in both the industry and the public sector.

The Association is perfectly positioned to act as an Advertising Hub, linking Suppliers with both Contractors and the General Public.  We have put together a number of different online and offline channels for you.  They have been structured to ensure that we have something suitable for any product/service or budget.

If you would like to find out how you can access these targeted channels, please contact Tasveera Singh on 031 266 7070.  Tasveera will ascertain your needs and marketing objectives and will then suggest the best  bundle of advertising channels. Due to the current COVID-19 regulations, some of our events have been affected. Please contact us for our latest event schedule. 

All prices below are inclusive of VAT.


The primary online channels are the e-newsletter and online advertorial.

Banner Advert
E-Newsletter Advert - 180 x 150
R1 000 per month
R1 000 per edition

If the virtual space does not suit your product/service, we have a number of tailor-made offline channels that will enable you to display or demonstrate your product/service to our members and the general public. 


Member Meetings
Annual Member Year End Function

R3 500 per meeting
R5 000 per area year end function
Annual General Meeting
Available in Durban, Zululand, South Coast subject to approval
Annual Awards Gala Event
R10 000 Bronze
R15 000 Silver
R25 000 Gold
R35 000 Titanium
R50 000 Platinum
R35 000 Trophy Sponsor
R100 000 Prestige Partner
Token Sponsor (co-branded) TBC
Golf Days

Sports Day

Prize Sponsors
Brand a Tee and Sponsor Halfway House options available

Prize Sponsor
Trophy Sponsor - Co-branded, Team Branding and Premier Marketing Partner options available
Career Day

Tokens for learners
Information Pack
Career Exhibits
Training Academy Manuals
Centre Double Spread
Full Page advert (A4)
Half Page advert(A5)
Inside back cover
Inside front cover
Outside back cover

R20 000 per edition
R10 0000 per edition
R6 000 per edition
R12 000 per edition
R15 000 per edition
R15 000 per edition